Phone Readings and Distant Healing Sessions


These sessions are absolutely fabulous for those who need help with their life direction and can’t come in for aface to face healing session! 

In these sessions you get the benefit of a 1 hour reading and a Distant Healing Session to help you work on the issues that came up in the Reading.

The Readings are like mini healing sessions and are personalised to what it is you need and all include Divine Guidance from your Angels and Guides, to help you move forward in life in the direction you actually want to go in!

These sessions may also include:

– NLP Techniques

– Intuitive Counselling

– Ways to work with the Law Of Attraction

– Business or Life Coaching

– Past Life Readings

– Totem Animal Astrology

– Meditation and/or Breathing Techniques

– Practical exercises to help you deal with the issues you have been facing and so much more…

The Distant Healing is approximately 2 hour + session and is done at a later time, normally that evening while you are sleeping, and includes an extremely powerful Spiritual Healing session with…

– Reiki

– Isis Seichim

– Your Angels and Guides

And more, depending on what came up for you in the Reading and whatever else it is that you need at the time!

Time and Distance are no barriers to the work that we do and these sessions are extremely healing and powerful and designed to help you move forward fearlessly towards the life that you actually want!

Find out more about yourself and how to get where you want in life through these fabulous sessions!

It’s all about YOU!!!

To book your session today, or to find out more, please contact us.

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