Past Life Readings


Past Life Readings are soooo fascinating and can help us to understand so much more about ourselves! Fantasy Island_4144725

Ever wondered why some places seem so familiar?

Ever wondered why it feels like you’ve known some people all of your life when you’ve only just met them?

Ever wonder where your natural talents came from?

Ever wonder why you feel like you just can’t trust someone, but you have no idea why?

These things can all be from different Past Lives you have had and part of you is just remembering where you have been and a bit about what you have done.

These readings can help you remember who you have been and help you to understand why you think and feel about things the way you do, especially some of the things that have been puzzling you for a while!

Totally fascinating stuff!!!

These Readings can be done in person or over the phone, whatever is more convenient for you! Yvonne has been successfully doing phone Readings for people all over Australia and New Zealand for over 18 years, and, as she is a Reiki Master, distance is no barrier to clarity she brings!

These readings can also be even more effective when they are included as part of a Reiki Healing session where you can learn about what has been blocking you in the reading and the then have a healing session to help remove those blockages on really deep levels.

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Yvonne George is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Guide and she has been successfully helping people discover their Past Lives for over 18 years now. She also teaches Past Life Courses and Workshops throughout the year.

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