NLP Sessions

NLP – What Is It?

Transforming Our World Cropped_6091915NLP (short for Neural Linguistic Programming) helps us to learn how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes so we can create change within ourselves and our lives and help others with theirs as well.


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NLP Kids Coaching


These amazing sessions can really help your child with learning difficulties and/or emotional issues so they can really get their confidence and sense of self back!!!

These coaching session is available for Children between aged 4 and 16 years of age for those older than that please refer to our Blockage Busting Healing Sessions.

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NLP Blockage Busting Breakthrough Sessions


Transforming Our World Cropped_6091915The benefits you get from one of these Breakthrough Sessions is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS and sooooooo worth it!!!

7 amazing sessions, spread out over 7 weeks, where we work with you to help you release your negative patterns and programs on even deeper levels.

We help you to put your Values back into balance, we also give you new strategies, tips and simple, proven techniques to help  the you deal with challenges that come up for you throughout the 7 weeks that you can use throughout your life.  Learn how to release your blockages and work with the Law of Attraction so that you can really manifest the life that you desire!

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Phobia Fixing Sessions


Spider_6572596These fabulous 3 hour Phobia Fixing Sessions can help you to release what ails you and what has been holding you back and help you to transform your life!

Works for all phobias, fear of spiders, snakes, flying, heights, small spaces, large spaces, the dark anything and everything!

We’ll work with you to release the phobia from the root cause, the origin so that by the end of the session it will be something you USED to have a problem with!

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Quit Smoking NOW Sessions


Quit Smoking_10954220These sessions are for those who are over ‘trying’ to give up smoking and REALLY want to do something about it, NOW???

In these 3 hour Quit Smoking sessions we really get to the crux of why you are smoking and find the triggers that make it so hard for you to give up and then with our NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ techniques we work with you to blow out the compulsions so you don’t feel the need to smoke anymore!

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