Phobia Fixing Sessions



Are your fears stopping you from living the life that you want?

Are you over being limited in life?

These fabulous Phobia Fixing Sessions can help you to release what ails you and what has been holding you back and help you to transform your life!

Works for all phobias, fear of spiders, snakes, flying, heights, small spaces, large spaces, the dark anything and everything!

We’ll work with you to release the phobia from the root cause, the origin so that by the end of the session it will be something you USED to have a problem with!

We are soooooo confident in the transformational power of these sessions that if you are REALLY WILLING to play at 100% and show that you REALLY want to make changes in your life for the better we will give you your MONEY BACK if by the end of the session you haven’t achieved the outcome that you specified!

Some conditions do apply, but seriously where else can you get value like that?!!!  Amazing stuff!!!

The questions remains though…

‘Are you ready, really ready, to let go?’

When you are, contact us and we’ll help you to make those changes!

Yvonne George is a Trainer of NLP, a Trainer of Hypnosis, and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy . She has been personally trained and certified by Drs Tad and Adriana James of the Tad James Company, one of the leading NLP Training companies in the world, and is able to offer a wide range of services to help you to really TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!!!

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