Ili Ili Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage


Ili Ili is a fabulous Hawaiian Hot Stone massage that incorporates Lomi Lomi massage with gorgeous hot stones for deep healing and relaxation that rejuvinates on all levels of mind, body and spirit.  

Ili Ili in Hawaiian means ‘flat pebble in motion’ and the heat and the healing energy of these beautiful stones work on releasing tension, stress and tightness on deeper levels in the body while allowing the mind to go on it’s own blissful vacation and the spirit to find it’s sense of inner peace again.

Imagine beautiful music and Aloha all around you and you are relaxing completely while being massaged with the beautiful long flowing strokes of the Lomi Lomi. Your mind and body going into that beautiful place of peace, you feel so comfortable, safe and relaxed and then the hot stones begin to work their magic and take you even deeper into that state of bliss…

After the massage you feel so much lighter and clearer, refreshed, rejuvinated and alive again and this feeling stays with you so you can take it back with you into your everyday life! Don’t you deserve it?!

This is a beautiful, healing experience and nurturing at it’s best! You really need to try it for yourself to believe it, and also too because you’ve earnt it!!!

This massage session is all about you, and so it should be! So to help you plan your day please leave at least 3 hours for this appointment (2 hours just for the massage!) and make sure you take some time for yourself afterwards as well, because you definitely deserve it!!!

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