House Cleansings

From $160.00

These House Cleansings are definitely not about dusting, but more about ghost busting, healing and energy clearing!!!

Have you been feeling uncomfortable in your own home?

Have you moved somewhere new and just want to start fresh?

Has there been a lot of negativity at home?

Were the people in your home before you going through a lot of negative issues?

Has there been a lot of stressful situations going on at home?

Are you having problems with a certain person or people in your home?

Have you been trying to sell your home and can’t understand why no one is interested?

Have you been trying to sell your home and not even getting people coming through to view it?

Have you been trying to sell your home and all the deals have been falling through?

Have you been having a few unusual things happening in your home that you can’t explain?

Have you been feeling that you might have some uninvited visitors?

Well, might be time for a House Cleansing!

These Cleansings work fabulously for home, but also too for work, offices, warehouses, land, boats etc where ever you need it and can be done in person or distantly, whichever is easiest for you!

These cleansings generally take between 1 to 2 hours, and at times longer depending on the questions you may have and the cost varies depending on what you would like to have cleansed and how big it is.

The current prices are…

$160.00 – Boats – minimum

$200.00 – Units 2 bedroom minimum

$200.00 – Offices – 1 story minimum

$220.00 – Warehouses – 1 story minimum

$240.00 – Houses 1 Floor, 3 bedroom minimum

$10.00 – Per extra storey

$5.00 – Per extra bedroom  

And as time and distance are no barriers in the work that we do we are also able to offer….

$200.00 – Distant Cleansings

Please note a $10.00 min Travel Fee may apply to out of area cleansings except for Distant Cleansings of course! 🙂

All cleansings include healing on all those residing or working in the property – existing people and new people to come, healing on the property itself, healing on all those involved with the property including the dog, the cat, the bird, the car, the neighbours etc.

Throughout the process we work on bringing more Love, more Light, more joy, more happiness and healing into your home, your business and into your life. Healing on all levels and totally fabulous stuff and it really works whether you are a believer or not!!!

Why not try us out and see for yourself!!!

Thoughts and feelings are energy and we are all made up of energy, people, houses, animals, cars, places everything. Positive and negative energy tends to hang around in the places where we spend our time and buildings tend to absorb this energy and hold onto it, which can positively or negatively impact on the people that spend time there.

It’s a little bit like what it feels like when we are around someone who is overly stressed, worried or negative. Being around them becomes very draining and most of the time we are not consciously aware of it when it is happening, but we really feel it afterwards.

Sometimes we can feel like that because we have Lost People (ghosts) hanging around us and their fears, their stresses, their depression, their frustration, their negative energy impacts on us and adds to whatever stress we already have going on in our lives and we think it is just us.

So, when should you have one of these Cleansings and what’s in it for you?

Selling Your Home – If you are having trouble selling your home the chances are that there is something energetically getting in the way. Regardless of whether the blockages are because of Lost People, negativity, fear or old stuff we work on bringing everything back into balance so it makes it so much more energetically attractive to new buyers. Fabulous success rates!!!

Landlords – If you are having trouble getting good tenants or keeping them a House Cleansing session can help to bring everything back into balance and create such a wonderful, positive atmosphere that it will help draw the same type of positive people to your property.

Business Owners – These cleansings will help release negativity in the office and help your staff to be happier and more productive and help your business to be more productive as well!

Moving into a new Home – Whether you have just bought a new home (new to you!) or renting one, these cleansings can really help to breathe a breath of fresh air into your home so you can get this new part of your life off to a wonderful fresh start.

Healings for your existing Home – These cleansings help to release old, negative energies and of course Lost People as well and they really do help to breathe a breath of fresh air into your home and your life.

When you need some Ghost Busting! – These cleansings definitely work well for people who are worried about things going ‘bump’ in the middle of the night! 100% removal of Lost People guaranteed every time and they don’t come back!!!

Yvonne George was interviewed about her energetic House Cleansings in Wellbeing Magazine’s 100th Anniversary issue and has successfully completed over 1,000 Cleansings the last 10 years for many individuals, companies and Real Estate Agencies.

She has encountered all different and fascinating situations and has been able to help heal so many people and places and she has been able to help so many Lost People find their way home during this time as well.

If you are having any problems you need help with, want to find out more, or you want to book your Cleansing now, please contact us

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