Healing Sessions

Blockage Busting Healing Sessions

3 x $280.00

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image20342612 Are you ready, really ready to let go of the old patterns and programs that have been holding You back?

Then this Blockage Busting Healing Session is just what you need!

3 fabulous, transformational accelerated Healing Sessions proven to help you to make the changes that you need to make life work for you!

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Confidence Coaching Sessions


hThese Self Sabotage Smashing Sessions are designed to help You let go of your fears and reach Your goals!

What’s YOUR Goal?

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Reiki and Spiritual Healing Sessions


Bring Balance, Harmony and Clarity back to Mind, Body and Spirit with these fabulous 2 hour Reiki and Spiritual Healing Sessions!

Tailored just for what YOU need!

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Limitation Releasing Sessions

$200.00Cat Medicine_6505099

We tend to see ourselves as not worthy, not deserving, not good enough, not enough, not always consciously, but mostly unconsciously.

And it is these unconscious beliefs that run quietly in the background that sabotage us and block us from bringing in to our lives the things we really desire.

These amazing Limitation Releasing Sessions have been especially designed to help us to step out of who we think we are and realise that we are worthy, deserving, loving, loveable, enough!

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V.I.P. Ultimate Healing Days

$697.00 h

These V.I.P. Healing Empowerment days are not only about filling up your tank with Premium Grade petrol, but they are also about repairing the damage for all those years you were running on empty!

We also share with you easy, simple to use and extremely effective tools to help you to keep your tank constantly topped up!

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Distant Healing Sessions


Hearts_1964392 Working with Reiki means that time and distance are no barriers, so Healing can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and the results are just as powerful as being in the same room!

Can’t come in for a session, then book your Distant Healing Session and feel the benefits today!

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Distant Healing and Phone Reading Sessions


Distant Readings_14118133These sessions are absolutely fabulous for those who need help with their life direction and can’t come in for a healing session!

Besides getting the benefit of a 1 hour Reading you also get a fabulous Distant Healing Session to help you to work on the issues that come up in the Reading!  Absolutely Fabulous!

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Reconnective Healing Sessions


Reconnective Healing is a higher form of vibrational healing, and helps us to reconnect or DNA strands with the strings of the Universe.

Sounds technical, but Reconnective Healing helps to bring us back into balance on the deepest levels or mind, body and spirit! 

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Reconnection Sessions


Extremely powerful Healing Sessions set over 2 days, designed to realign you on ALL levels of mind, body and spirit!

1 to 3 Reconnective Healing Sessions recommended before proceeding with this Session, to help prepare you for the change!

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Ear Candling Reiki Sessions


Unwind_7417498These sessions aren’t just about the physical benefits you receive, we add a lot more to them that just that!

While the Ear Candles are doing their work, which is anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes each, you get a fabulous Reiki Hands On Healing Session to help bring the rest of Your Mind, Body and Spirit back into balance!

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House Cleansings

From $140.00

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24111838These House Cleansings are definitely not about dusting, but more about ghost busting and energy clearing!!!

Perfect for your Home – selling, moving in or just clearing out the old energy.  Great for the Office, Rental Properties,  Warehouses, Boats where ever you need to shift and let go of negative energies and entities!

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Massage Sessions

From $240.00

Hot Stones_4973941 Lomi LomiHawaiian Massage                      2 Hours     $240.00

Absolutely Blissful and deeply Healing!  Be transported….

Ili IliHawaiian Hot Stone Massage             2 Hours      $260.00 

Allow the fabulous healing energy of the Hot Stones and beautiful Lomi Lomi massage take you away from stress to bliss…

NLP Sessions

From $180.00

Kids Coaching 4 to 16 years – $180.00
Helping kids with Learning difficulties, stress, anxiety and emotional and coping issues.

Transforming Our World Cropped_6091915Blockage Busting Healing Sessions – min 3 x $280.00
If you’re ready, really ready to let go of the old patterns and programs that have been holding You back, then this Blockage Busting Healing Session is just what you need! 3 sessions of accelerated healing techniques to really help you to let go!

NLP Breakthrough Sessions $1,650.00
For when it’s time to make those MAJOR changes, releasing the past and moving forward!      

Phobia Fixing Sessions


Spider_6572596These fabulous 3 hour Phobia Fixing Sessions can help you to release what ails you, let go of what has been holding you back and help you to get control of Your life back!

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Quit Smoking NOW Sessions


Quit Smoking_10954220 Do you want to keep ‘trying’ to give up smoking or do you REALLY want to do something about it, NOW???

In these sessions we get to the crux of why you are smoking and find the triggers that make it so hard for you to give up and then help you to blow out the compulsions so you don’t feel the need to smoke anymore! 

Only for those who Really want to give up!

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Weigh Less, Live More Sessions


Weigh Less_8853290 The techniques we use in these fabulous 3 hour Weigh Less, Live More Sessions are extremely powerful and work with you on the deepest levels to help you to make the changes you need!

These sessions are designed to help you to make the lasting changes that you want in your life, and those changes can be absolutely amazing, but their effectiveness depends on how ready you are to let your old ways go!

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