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Australian Bush Flower Essence Combination – Calm and Clear Essence ABFE Combinations

This year has been going so quickly and we always have so much to do and more and more it feels like we have less and less time to do it all!

We’re so easily stressed that worry seems like our new best friend, but definitely not a good one though!

We tend to have so much to do that we don’t know where to start, so we put off doing anything and then we get frustrated with ourselves because we’re not getting anywhere!

Someone’s had a bad day and they come home and all of a sudden everyone’s having a bad day!

We’re so overwhelmed with everything going on we’re not even able to switch off at night, so when we wake up in the morning we’re still tired!

Any of these sound familiar?

It’s at times like these where this fabulous Calm and Clear Essence is perfect, to help us to get out of ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH into Ahhhhhhhhhh…….

I love all the Essences in the Australian Bush Flower Essence range, but my favourite combination is definitely the Calm and Clear, because it helps to get us out of volcano mode and into Ahhhhhhhh mode and it is so quick and so effective!

It’s the one I use all the time, for myself and everyone else, and I just loooooove it!!!

The individual Essences that are in this combination are….

Black-Eyed Susan – Which helps us to slow down, know that we have more than enough time, helps us to know we can get it all done, helps us to have patience, helps bring more inner peace.

Bottlebrush – Enhances our coping mechanisms, helps us to cope with change and be open to it, helps us to move forward, also helps us to let go of what has been negatively effecting us.

Boronia – Helps to quieten the mind, helps us to slow down, helps us to release obsessive thinking, helps us to get off that “treadmill” of thinking, helps us to find clarity, helps to shift negative thinking to positive thinking.

Bush Fuchsia – Helps balance the left and right brain and the endocrine system, helps us to say what we need to say and hear what we need to hear, helps us to trust our intuition, helps us to connect with ourselves, helps us to trust ourselves.

Crowea – Helps us to release worry and our worry patterning, physically helps us to relax the muscles, balances the organs, muscles and meridians, helps us to sleep better, helps with stomach issues, helps us to let go of frustration.

Jacaranda – Helps us to focus, helps us to be centred, helps us to be more decisive, helps us to organize our thoughts and actions more effectively so that we can be more effective.

Little Flannel Flower – Helps us to play and step out of serious “have to do this” mode so we can be more productive, helps us to see the lighter side of things, helps us to have fun while we’re being productive.

Paw Paw – Helps us to let go of that feeling of overwhelm, helps us to “chunk down” so we can focus on what needs to be done, helps us to digest information more effectively, and also helps us to step out of being a “victim” to the things that are stressing and overwhelming us, helps us to be more decisive, helps us to find the clarity we need to solve problems, also helps with stomach issues. 

And together, this combination helps us to release those stresses, those worries, that anger, frustration, indecisiveness, the overwhelm, that ARGGGGHHHHHH, so that we can be more focused, more motivated, more decisive, more happy within ourselves and essentially more Calm and Clear, and within moments!!!

Because this combination is so versatile and so effective it is available in…

Drops – Take 7 drops 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night, and as needed.  You can also carry the bottle around with you and the healing effects of the Essences will work with you during the day.  Great to keep beside your bed at night time as well, as the Essences will work with you while you sleep!

Spray/Mist – Use as often as needed.  Spray yourself, the air around you if you or the people around you are tense, angry, stressed or overwhelmed, pillows if there is a problem sleeping, spray and add your moisturizing cream, carry with you, and so much more…

Cream – Just gorgeous to use as a face, hand or body cream.  Smells DIVINE plus you get the healing energy of all the Essences working with you, magic!

Oral Mist – Fabulous oral spray that’s easy to carry in your purse to use whenever you need it!

The Australian Bush Flower Essences have also brought out the most amazing Skin Care Range that they’ve called the Love System.  It took 7 years to develop the range and these products are 100% natural, they’re organic with absolutely NO chemicals, even the preservatives are natural!

In this range they have a beautiful Calm and Clear Soothing Firming Eye Neck and Face Gel that is just gorgeous and not just a firming face gel, but a healing gift that not only helps firm our skin, but helps us to stay Calm and Clear as well!  Magic!!!!

Where can you get them…

A lot of your good Health Food Shops stock the Australian Bush Flower Essence range, and if they don’t have what you want ask if they can order it in….

Some of the larger Chemists stock them as well…

From the Australian Bush Flower Essences themselves, from their Terrey Hills office, or their website www.ausflowers.com.au

I also make up individual Drop Bottles – 25mls and 50mls and Spray Bottles – 100mls which you can order through the Product Page of my Website 🙂

When you weigh up what these guys do and the benefits these Essences bring they are seriously inexpensive and I see them as awesome Healing Journeys in a bottle, fabulous!!!

To Connect with the Essences…

While you’re waiting for your own Essences you can focus on the Calm and Clear Combination picture at the top of the page….

Take a nice, big, deep breath in and breathe in the energy of the Essences up to the top of the head with the breath, and then breathe out and down through the body and out through the feet.

Repeat another 3 times and you will notice that you’re already starting to feel calmer and clearer!

When you have your Combination Essences, use as needed and as suggested above.

You can also hold onto the bottle/cream/mist and breathe in the energy of the Essences, again up to the top of the head and then down through the body and out through the feet and you will feel the energy of the Essences working with you straight away!

Again, having them by your bed at night time helps them to work with you while you are asleep which is a fabulous gift to give yourself!

Many blessings, always 






Yvonne x

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