Spiritual Healing Course


This fabulous 7 week Spiritual Healing course has been designed to help us raise the energy of the healings we are already doing, and take the healing we are able to do for ourselves and others to even higher levels!

Reiki 1 and 11 are definite pre-requisites for this course as it is where we really practice taking Reiki ‘out of the box’ and using it in even more effective ways!

As we begin to work with these higher energies they will work with us to help us raise our own vibrations and psychic awareness so that we can be even more in the Now!, and be even more consciously aware of our connection, making everything we do so much more powerful.

Another bonus is that it enhances our appreciation of our every day and takes our own healing journeys up another level as well!

During these fabulous 7 weeks we will be…

– Learning about and working with different forms of Energy Healing

Connecting more with our personal Angels and Guides

– Learning about Shamanic Healing and working with the Elements, Animals and Nature

– Doing more Conscious Channelling of our Angels, Guides and other helpers

– Delving into our Past Lives and learning how to heal them

– Healing with Drums and other musical instruments

– Learning how to do House Cleansings

– Learning about Soul Retrievals

– Learning how to take people through Meditations

– Auric Healing and so much more…

This course is the next step in your healing journey and is an awesome opportunity that gives you even more tools to work with, to heal with, to help others with and to play with for yourself as well!!!

A fabulous course that takes everything you have already learnt, expands on it and takes it to higher levels while being fun, informative and transformational!!!

It’s Time!!!

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