Reiki ll Certificate Course


Each level of Reiki is a journey in your own personal healing and this 2 day course is the next step in the Reiki journey and it takes the healing that you go through and the healing that you can do to even deeper levels. Reiki_2764135

In this course you are introduced to the sacred Reiki Symbols and with these symbols you can send healing to all areas.  Time and distance are no barriers so you can send healing to the past, present, future and to all levels of mind, body and spirit.

This is the level where you really get to play with the energy and it really works on  releasing more of the old negative thoughts, fears and patterning that have been holding you back.

Over the 2 days of this course you will…

– Be attuned to the Reiki 11 level of the Tibetan and Usui Systems of Reiki

– Be introduced to the Reiki Healing Symbols

– Learn how to do distant healing, beaming and scanning

– Learn how to do Mental Emotional Cleansings

– Learn how to heal the past

– Learn how to do Reiki 11 treatments

– Receive an easy to read manual and more..

It’s not as full on as the Reiki 1 course as we have 2 days to play, but there is a lot of practical ‘hands on’ experience during this course and a lot of fabulous healing that you go through as well!

At the end of the 2 days you will be fully attuned to the Reiki 11 energy and you will receive your Reiki 11 Certificate. This level is where you can start working with others and start charging for your healing sessions and you are also able to apply for insurance as well.

A fabulous course, and the benefits are wild!!!

** Please check the Current Course Schedule for our next course dates, but if those dates don’t suit you we can always work out some days that do, we’re always flexible so feel free to contact us for more details**

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