Past Life Journeying Course


Past Lives are extremely fascinating and the more we learn about some of the lives we have had the more we can understand about ourselves and why we think the way we do and why we act the way we do now.

We can have had 1000’s of different past lives before and in these lives we have chosen all different experiences from being rich, poor and everything in between just so that we can learn from them and grow. Sometimes though some of the things we have experienced in those lives can prevent us from allowing ourselves to be happy, successful or block us from moving forward in this life and we don’t even realise it.

This fabulous 6 week course is an experiential journey into some of our most significant Past Lives where we get to see, feel and understand more about ourselves and who we have been in other lives before this one.

We have been so much more and we have done so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for and this course really helps us to understand this on even deeper levels so we can learn from it and really allow ourselves to move forward and bring in the things that we want to experience.

We will also be learning how to heal the negative effects of some of those lives so we can release our blockages and move forward to where we want to go in this life more easily, effortlessly and especially painlessly.

We will be meditating and learning different techniques we can use to do our own Past Live Journeying at home as well and continue the journey in healing our lives!

This course is extremely healing and empowering and by learning more about ourselves we can heal on even deeper levels and really live the life we want!!!

Fabulous stuff!!!

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