Healing With The Archangels Webinar – $17.00

REPLAY available to watch whenever you like!!!


Our Angels and Guides are with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, loving and supporting us in every moment.

We also have Archangels with us, to help guide us, to help support us, to help us heal, learn, grow and get the most out of this experience called life, that we can.

This Webinar has been designed to introduce you to some of those Archangels so that you can start working with them and healing with them.

During the 45 minutes of this Webinar you will… register-now-blue-button-hi-resized-for-WEB

  • Learn about the Archangels and their roles
  • Discover how to work with them in your every day
  • Learn how to connect with them more effectively
  • Experience the Love and Healing that they bring

All this and a fabulous Meditation to help you to work with them whenever you like!

Will be fabulous to have you join us 🙂





Yvonne X

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