Mindful Manifesting Workshop


How would you like your life to start turning out the way you actually want it to?

How would you like to have a better understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to work with it?

How would you like to have more control about what actually goes on in your life?

Well, then this is the workshop for you!!!

This fabulous workshop is the ‘101’ of working with the Law Of Attraction!

In this transformational 1 day workshop you will…

Learn how to work more effectively work with the Law Of Attraction.

Learn how to more consciously create with the Universe, to bring in more of the things you actually want.

Learn about how what you are thinking, feeling and doing effects the energy you are sending out to the Universe and how you can have more control over it. 

And, we’re not just going to be learning about it, we are going to be practicing it, because this workshop is an experiential journey into co-creating with the Universe!

Start living the life that you really want.

Get control of your life back.

Learn how to be more consistently happy. 

This Mindful Manifesting Workshop is the Law Of Attraction 101 and a great way to make changes on the deepest levels and also learn how to get so much more out of life!

What a great gift to give yourself!!!

For workshop dates please refer to our current Course Schedule. Please note we also do a lot of this work in our Meditation Groups, to find out more about either, or to book your place in either group please contact us

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