Meditation Groups


These Meditation Groups are currently running weekly on Thursday Mornings.

Each week we work on a different subject, but the focus is always on learning more about ourselves, life and more stress and worry free ways of living it.

We also learn different techniques that are simple and easy to use to help us heal ourselves and our lives and ones we can use to help our loved ones as well.

Some of the different topics we cover and work with are…

– Releasing stress and anxiety

– Working with the Law of Attraction

– Learning to Allow

– Letting go of the past and learning to forgive

– The Power of Positive Thinking

– Understanding more about ourselves

– Boosting our self-esteem and remembering who we really are

– Understanding our Inner Child

– Working with Crystals

– Working with Affirmations

– Working with Animals

– Working with Angels

– Working with Flower Essences

– Understanding our Past Lives and so much more….

Every subject helps us to focus on learning more about ourselves and the world around us and how make our lives easier and much more rewarding. Life is for living and enjoying not stressing and struggling and these groups help us to remember that while also showing us how to do it!

These Groups are definitely fun, informative, empowering and transformational!!!

To book your place for our next Group please contact us

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