Manifesting Miracles Healing Course


This fabulous 6 week course is a journey into healing and releasing the negative patterns and programs we have been holding onto.

It has been specifically designed to help us understand ourselves and the Laws of the Universe so that we can release the issues that are blocking us in our lives. Definitely not so that we can re-live them, but so we can understand them, learn from them, let them go and move on.

We will be working the teachings of Abraham, The Secret and with our Angels and Spirit Guides, Crystals, Bush Flower Essences, Affirmation Cards, Meditations and more to help us identify these blockages, heal and release them in the most painless, easiest ways possible.

During these Blockage Busting 6 weeks we will be working on:

– Understanding the Universal Laws

– Understanding the Law of Attraction

– Understanding Our Emotions

– Understanding Our Programs

– How to work more effectively with the Law Of Attraction

– How to Manifest Miracles and more…

We tend to think that life is happening around us, by releasing the deep fears and blockages we hold we can more consciously create miracles in our everyday and take control of our lives.

It time to allow ourselves this!!!

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