Intro To Natural Healing Day


Has the idea of Healing and being a Healer been calling you?

Have you been drawn to do healing, but not sure where to start?

Have you wanted to learn how to heal yourself?

Have you always wanted to help people more?

Do you get drained just being around people?

And in certain places?

Do you feel more overwhelmed, stressed or anxious and don’t know why?

Are You feeling out of balance?

Then this amazing Intro To Natural Healing Day can not only answer all of these questions, but can help You to get your balance and power back as well !!!

As Healers, we learn about Healing to help to heal ourselves and our lives, and then to help others…

So during this fabulous day of healing, we will also be learning about…

The power of understanding the Mind Body Connection

Psychic Protection


Affirmation Healing

Angelic Healing


Flower Essences


Sound Therapy


And so, so, so much more!!!

It’s a fabulous day of learning, understanding, healing, releasing and empowerment in a totally safe and nurturing environment!

Would be fabulous to have you join us 🙂

For more information, please feel free to contact us.




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