Letting Go, Moving On Workshop


Are you ready to let go of the pain, hurt and struggle of the past into a life where you have more control?

Then you’ll be please to know that the next Letting Go, Moving On Workshop will be running on…

Saturday 27/1/2024 at Narrabeen NSW!

Have you been having trouble letting go of…  h

Past relationships…

Old hurts…

Old angers…

Old grief…

Old negative patterns…

Old limiting beliefs…

Have you been feeling stuck?

Has life been living you?

Have you been giving your power to your past?

Have you been unwittingly blocking your Future?

Are you ready to…

Understand the lessons of your past?

Release the pain of the past, easily, effortlessly?

Learn how to stress less in your every day?

Learn how to move forward fearlessly?

Have a new picture of the future?

Start creating the future and the life you want?

During this fabulous 1 day Workshop we will be working with you to help you with all of these and more!

This is a day full of healing and releasing through understanding and empowerment!

Not through pain, suffering and struggle!

You’ve been there, done that, how did that go for you?!

During this empowering day, you will be learning how to work with powerful…

•Breathing Techniques,
•Shaman Principles
•Law Of Attraction
•Bush Flower Essences
•Crystals, and more

Powerful, effective tools, all things you can use and work with easily to help You to heal the past and use to deal with everything in your every day life!

If you’re really ready to heal from your past, and move onto the future you actually want then this Workshop is for you!!!

For more information, or to book your place, please contact us

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