Psychic Development Day


hThis How To Develop Your Psychic Gifts workshop has been designed to help you to develop and exercise your Psychic Muscles, so that you can see more, hear more, feel more, know more and TRUST yourself more!
This Term this fabulous Psychic Development Day will be running on…

 Saturday – 28/10/2023 – in Narrabeen NSW.

We are all born Psychic and throughout the different challenges of our lives we tend to close it down.
During this fabulous full 1 day Workshop we will be working with you to help you to know that you are safe to open them back up again.
We will be working with a variety of different modalities to help you to open up your Psychic Senses of…
Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing
Clairaudience – Clear Hearing
Clairsentience – Clear Feeling
Claircogniance – Clear Knowing
Helping you to TRUST your Intuition and helping you to know that you are SAFE, all the while.
During this fabulous Workshop you will learn how to..
  • Meditate more effectively
  • Energetically protect yourself
  • Listen to your Intuition
  • Learn to trust your Intuition
  • Connect with Crystals
  • Connect and work with Archangel Michael
  • Connect to your Loved Ones
  • Safely work with Pendulums
  • Work with Angel Cards
  • Balance your Chakras and so much more…

If you have been wanting to take the next step in your Psychic Development this Workshop is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself!

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Will be fabulous to have you join us 🙂



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