Forgiveness Workshop


The next Forgiveness Workshop will be running On-Line on the Friday night of 25/2/2022!

Is the pain, hurt, anger and unfairness from what happened in the past holding you back?

Is it still negatively impacting your life?

Is it effecting your health?

Is it preventing you from being happy now?

Are You ready to step out of what happened and start Living?

Forgiveness isn’t about condoning, accepting or excusing what happened, it’s about letting go of all the pain, hurt, anger etc, so that YOU can move forward!

This 3 hour Forgiveness Workshop has been designed to help you to step out of what happened, and then leave it behind!

You will also learn simple and easy techniques to…

  • Energetically protect yourself
  • Understand the real lessons of the past
  • Let go of the pain of the past
  • Be happier being here now
  • Feel more in control of your future

And so much more!

Don’t let what happened destroy YOUR heart!!!

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Will be fabulous to have you join us 🙂



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