Crystal Healing Workshop


Crystal Spread_14229361This fabulous Healing workshop will be running on…

Sunday 11/2/2024 at Narrabeen NSW

This wonderful workshop is not only an introduction to the wonderful world of Crystals, but it is also about learning more about yourself, your Chakras, and ways to keep yourself more grounded, balanced and help you to stress less!

Which is what we all need because the more balanced we are the more we are able to deal with the challenges that life throws us!

If stress is a major issue in your life then working with Crystals is a fabulous gift to give yourself. Crystals are absolutely fabulous, beautiful and easy to work with, and they help us heal on all different levels of mind, body and spirit. For every problem we have in our lives there are Crystals that can help us deal with every single one of them!

Crystals work fabulously with us to help balance our Chakras as well and work with us to heal and release the issues that are creating problems for us. Our Chakras are energy centres that are situated inside and outside the body that help connect our Life Force Energy to the Universal Energy.

Very much what we think and feel effects us physically, mentally, emotionally, circumstancially and environmentally and can block the flow of energy coming to us and within us as well.  By understanding our Chakras and what they do and by using Crystals we can help to heal and balance them and therefore allow ourselves much more positive experiences.

Would you like to learn more about Crystals?

Would you like to learn how to use them and work with them?

Would you like to learn ways to be able to better handle stress, worry, anxiety, pain etc, etc?

Would you like to understand more about yourself and what makes you tick?

Would you like to understand more about yourself through what you body is telling you?

Would you like to learn to do this for yourself and maybe help others as well?

Then this workshop is for you!!!

This workshop is about learning more about yourself through your Chakras and what your body is telling you and we will be working with some of the fabulous Crystals that can help you heal all different parts of your life!

During the 5 hours we will be…

– Learning About Our Chakras

– Learning about Crystals

– Working with Crystals

– Meditating With Crystals

– Healing With Crystals and so much more…

This workshop is a great introduction to the wonderful world of Crystals, healing and learning more about yourself as well!

Definitely a fabulous step in the right direction of your Healing Journey…

If you want to know how to work with Crystals then you’ll love this workshop!!!

Contact us for more details.

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