Crystal Healing Course Level 1


In this unique 6 week Crystal Healing Course we journey into the wonderful world of Crystals to learn about and experience some of the magic of these wonderful, natural healers and teachers and they have so much to share with us. 

During the 6 weeks we will be:-

– Learning about different Crystals

– Meditating with Crystals

– Healing ourselves with Crystals

– Healing others with Crystals

– Crystal Pendulum Healing

– Learning different ways to use Crystals in our environment

– Doing Group Healing sessions and more…

Whether or not you have worked with Crystals before this course will help you to really connect with them and learn more about them and how, and why, to use them in your everyday.

By the end of the course you will find it so much easier to connect with these beautiful, powerful teachers and you will be able to confidently work with them and use them more in your everyday life. You will also be able to conduct your own Crystal Healing Sessions for yourself and for others. Another bonus!!!

A beautiful course where we get to share and connect with the magical world of Crystals!!!

Sooooo worth it!!!

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