Connecting With Your Angels And Guides


This wonderful 8 week course is a re-introduction to our loving Angels and Spirit Guides and provides a practical way to start connecting and really working with them more naturally and more consciously in our everyday lives.

Have you ever wanted to know more about what Angels you have around you?

Have you ever been interested in who your Guardian Angels are?

Have you ever wanted to know who your Spirit Guides are?

Or what lives you’ve had with them before?

Have you ever wanted to connect with your loved ones that have passed over?

Well then, this fabulous 8 week course is for you!!!

In this Course we will be:-

– Learning about the Angelic Realm

– Meeting and Working with our Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Nature Angels and our wonderful Spirit Guides

– Meditating with them

– Learning to listen to, see and understand their Messages

– Learning to work and heal with them in our everyday

– Learning more about ourselves

– Past Lives with our Spirit Guides

We receive so many loving and supportive messages from our Angels and Guides each and everyday, and this course gives us a chance to exercise our psychic muscles so that we can better see, hear and understand them and work with them more confidently and more consciously in our lives.

This course is a really wonderful gift to give yourself, to help you be more aware of who you are and open your awareness to more of the gifts of life!

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