Bush Flower Walks


A lot of the Healing Flowers used in the Australian Bush Flower Essence Range grow in our local National Park, which is almost my backyard!Waratah

I absolutely love these Essences and work with them everyday and really love to be able to share their beauty and healing with others.

So, I thought I’d invite people to come with me on my bush walks as a real life introduction to these beautiful, healing Bush Flowers.

Throughout the walk we will see the seasonal flowers in their natural habitat and learn more about the healing properties of these amazing healers.

We will be meditating with the flowers, connecting with them, healing with them, while Mother Nature works her healing magic on us as well.

These are nice, easy, meandering walks along established Fire Trails and will be in the late afternoon when the weather is milder, so should suit all.

The emphaisis of these walks is on healing, learning, sharing, reconnecting and having fun.

So, come join us and let go of the stess of the outside world for a while and enter the wonderful world of the Australian Bush Flowers…

Please be aware though that dates may change due to the Weather conditions.

For more details, or to book your place, please contact us.

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