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Spiritual Vs Material

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Because it takes 21 days of consistent work to change a pattern, program or belief this week we are still working on money issues and for a lot of us the belief that having a lot of money is not spiritual is a big issue.

It may not be a conscious belief, but we tend to have all these unconscious reasons why we think money is bad, and those beliefs block abundance from us in all areas.

Abraham (Abraham-Hicks.com) has some helpful wisdom about this…

‘Spiritual versus Material are not the choices.

Everything about this physical manifestational experience is spiritual.

 It is all the end product of spirit.

 You have nothing to prove.

 Be the spiritual you and create like a physical fiend.’

 Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

The reality is we don’t have anything to prove!

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Who Are You Hurting?…


Hey guys,

Was having a big conversation with my Unconscious Mind the other day about who I would be hurting if I was actually living more of the life I’ve been creating in my imagination.

The answer was NO ONE!

Every time I played a scenario in my mind I asked myself the question…

‘Who would I be hurting if I was actually doing this?’

And the answer every time was NO ONE!

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Changing Beliefs, One At A Time…

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image25444780Hey guys,

Adding on to last weeks Wisdom, lets have a look at some beliefs we can change as this week finances appear to be on a lot of people’s minds…

The statements we make, the things that we say, are instructions we are giving to ourselves and to the Universe…

‘I don’t have enough money…’

‘I can’t afford that…’

‘I don’t make enough money…’

‘I’ll never be able to have that…’

These beliefs, regardless of where they come from, are our reality, because…

‘We get what we expect!’

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You Don’t Need To Earn It…


Hey guys,

We are taught to believe that we have to earn what we have in life…

Because if we have earned it, we don’t need to feel guilty for having it.

Therefore, to earn it we tend to struggle…

We tend to go through masses of pain…

And suffering…

Just so that we can maybe feel okay with what we’ve got…

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