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Changing Expectations…


Hey guys,

 The 1st Shaman Principle is…

 ‘The World Is What YOU Think It Is!’

So, the reality of that is that We get what WE expect!

Not always what we want, but what we EXPECT!

In reality though, how much of our expectations are based on OTHER people’s beliefs?

 The significant people in our lives from the ages 0 to 12 play a HUGE role in our belief system, because they were our role models of how to live life.

And how many of THEIR limited beliefs are we running as part of OUR unconscious programming?

Our conscious mind and ego would say ’On no, I’m not doing that!’ but if we aren’t where we want to be the chances are really, really, really high that our LEARNED programming is getting in the way!

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Being Your Own Person…


Hey guys,

We tend to let the opinions of others decide who we are allowed to be, and what we are allowed to do.

We try to ‘fit in’, to conform with other people’s version of who they think we should be, to be accepted.

We even worry about what random strangers may think about us…

This trying to ‘fit in’ is what stops us from being our own selves, from being our own person, and from doing what it is we REALLY want…

There are so many ways we try to ‘fit in’, and the majority of the time it is totally unconscious, but it is why we play small and don’t allow ourselves to succeed.

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Being Successful At Feeling Good…


Hey guys,

What is your dominant emotion?

Is it feeling good?

Or, is it feeling bad?

Are you just thinking you are feeling good?

Or, are you really feeling good?

Most of the time we let what is going on around dictate how we are feeling…

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Stepping Into Allowing…


Hey guys,

When we really, really need something, when we really, really want it, the Universe gives us the experience of needing it, and wanting it, but NOT having it!

Because, even though we think we are giving instructions to the Universe and telling it, ‘This is what we want!’ underneath all of that we are actually saying… ‘This is what we don’t have!’

And, as Abraham say, we are beating a drum to what we don’t want…

When the needing and wanting is coming from a place of lack, a place of not having it, that is the vibration, the request we are putting out to the Universe, and it can only bring us a match for that, more of needing it, wanting it and not having it!

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