We Are All Healers…


Hey guys,

As Healers, we get into healing to learn to heal ourselves, and then we step out to help others…

I started my own healing journey because I didn’t like the person I was. I was a grizzly bear with sharp claws, anger and rage were my constant companions and were my go to emotions for everything, especially when I was younger. (Scorpio stuff!)

My personal healing journey took me to many places, where I learnt from many people and gathered all different types of Healing Tools which I used to help myself, so that I could let go of who I was and become Now, who I Am!

And, I like Her!

Everything I learned, I took on board what I needed, worked with it, added it to what I was doing, as part of an ongoing journey…My Shamanic name is ‘Mama Bear’ and through all of this I have effectively healed my Grizzly Bear and she is now so toned down, she just chills 😉

I can do anger, which is a natural emotion, I am human like everyone, but it’s not automatic and it takes a lot to rile me up.

No body could do this for me, or wave a magic wand and ‘fix’ me, this was my journey, it was my job to work on it, it was my job to make the changes…

And I did, and I still do, because the more healing we do on ourselves the more we realise there is so much more to do!

We all have within us the ability to heal ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Firstly, we just need to want to…

Secondly, we need to then be dedicated enough to ourselves to heal and change the negative patterns and programs that have been creating the problems, and follow wherever that journey takes us…

Thirdly, we need to be consistent…

Sometimes this is really hard to do on our own, which is why I do what I do.

I can see where you’ve been, and can see where you can get to and I use my tools to help You to let go of what You are ready to let go of, so that you can get there!

Abraham (Abraham-Hicks.com) shares this wisdom on Healers…

‘’True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that.

So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning.

(that they could get, even without the healer, but they can get faster with a healer’s influence)’

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

YOU have the ability to make any changes you need in Your life, see yourself where You want to be and then do everything you can to get there, it will be worth it…

Because YOU are WORTH IT!

But, if you need any help getting to where you want to go, I am Always here…

Play and see where it takes you 🙂

Many blessings, always


Yvonne x