White Light Essences


These wonderful White Light Essences were brought to us by Ian White who also brought through the fabulous range of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

These White Light Essences really work with us to raise our vibrations and release our blockages on the deepest levels.

There are 7 powerful healing Essences in this range....

  • Water Essence
  • Earth Essence
  • Fire Essence
  • Air Essence
  • Higher Self Essence
  • Devic Essence
  • Angelic Essence

And taken in sequence they take you on an amazing healing journey!!!

If you really want to reconnect with who it is you really are, if you really want to let go of your old, limiting beliefs, if you are really serious about moving forward in your life, then this is definitely the next step in your healing journey!

If you want to know more or if you would like to start your journey with these fabulous Essences please contact us.

Yvonne George has been personally trained and certified as a White Light Essence Practitioner by Ian White, the founder and developer of these beautiful remedies, and has been working with them for over 7 years now.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to place an order now, please contact us.

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