Chakra Balancing and Healing Kits


Chakras are energy centres, located within different parts of our bodies and the word Chakra itself is a Sanskrit or Hindu word meaning 'Wheels of Energy'.

We have 7 major Chakras in the Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra and Base Chakra and a lot of minor Chakras as well.

Each Chakra governs different parts of the body and have different colours which rotate at all different speeds. When our Chakras become blocked or unbalanced it restricts the flow of Life force Energy or Chi, Ki, Mana or Prana Energy as it is also known, that we allow ourselves and this negatively impacts on us physically, mentally, emotionally and also in our lives.

When we are out of balance we find we have no energy or vitality, our bodies start to break down with sore backs, colds, flus, stress, headaches etc and our lives just aren't working for us and all because our Chakras are being blocked with our negative thoughts and feelings.

This is why these Chakra Balancing and Healing Kits are so effective because they help to put us back into balance and it's like opening a window and breathing a breathe of fresh air back into every fibre of our being!

These Chakra Balancing and Healing Kits are specifically designed and tailored just for you to help you to release the negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from being happy and successful in all areas of your life..

Each Kit contains:

An extremely powerful Distant Healing Chakra Balance
Distance is no barrier to the healing we can do and these Chakra Balances help to clear out the 'cobwebs' and bring Mind, Body and Spirit back into balance. Long lasting results and extremely effective as well.

7 beautiful Chakra Crystals
Small, pocket sized Crystals that are easy to carry in their own convenient organza bag, selected individually just for you to help continue the healing.

Mostly we tend to think of Crystals as beautiful rocks, but they are really gentle but extremely powerful healers that can help us to release the negative thoughts and feelings we have that are blocking us on the deepest levels.

They work with us to help us release physical ailments, mental and emotional issues and they also help us work on our Spiritual blockages as well. Amazingly they help us just by being around them, by holding them, carrying them, having them besides our beds, wearing them as jewellery and more.

A 50ml bottle of healing Flower Essences
These fabulous Essence mixes are month long healing sessions in a bottle, made up specifically for you and your individual needs. These beautiful healers work with you on the deepest levels to help you release the healing to continue.

These fabulous Chakra Balancing and Healing Kits have been created to help you release the blockages that are holding you back and they are put together depending on what it is that you need.

They are great for you and great as gifts for those that you love as well.

To find out more, or to organise your own Chakra Balancing and Healing Kit now, please contact us.

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