Bach Flower Essences


Dr Edward Bach developed the original, modern day Flower Essences in the 1930's using the essences of English flowers.

Dr Bach was an amazing man and way ahead of his time with his thinking and his work.

Through what Dr Bach learnt in his medical practice he was able to work out that our physical ailments were actually caused by what we thought and what we were feeling, not a 'proper' concept at the time and so not in line with what the rest of society thought at that time either!

Not to be deterred though he continued to do extensive scientific research on the healing properties of these flowers and through what he learn he was able to create the Bach Flower Essence Remedy range.

This range consists of the 38 original Bach Flower Remedies and they are the fore runners of the all of the flower essences around today.

The Bach flowers are widely used in many countries around the world and have been for over 80 years now.

Definitely tried and proven!!!

These beautiful remedies help to heal in all areas of your life and release those hidden blockages so you can move forward and create the life that you want!

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