Australian Bush Flower Essences


Bush Flower Essences are wonderful remedies that help us release the negative thoughts and feelings that have been blocking us on the deepest levels.

They are amazing vibrational healers that help us to change our old, negative thoughts, emotional patterns and programs and raise the vibrations we are sending out to the Universe to ones that are more positive, loving, nurturing and rewarding for us.

Ian White developed the Australian Bush Flower Essences in the 1980's and he has been extending his range from the original 50 to current 69 Australian Bush Flowers. He has written 2 books on the subject and teaches courses on these wonderful Essences all around the world where they are also widely used.

These amazing flower remedies can help support us to release fear, anger, stress, worry, addictions, hereditary patterning, past life fears and phobias, grief and all manner of physical ailments by working with us to heal the negative thoughts and the patterns that created them in the first place.

There are essences to help us release all of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues we have going on in our lives. There is an Essence or group of Essences to help us with every issue and challenge that comes into our lives and these beautiful healers generally work quietly, gently and extremely effectively in the background.

They are extremely versatile as well as they work hand in hand with all other remedies, all traditional and alternative medicines and modalities to help us heal and release the deep seated issues that we no longer need.

These beautiful Essences are a fabulous month long healing sesson in a bottle!!!

Time to really let go!!!

Yvonne George has been personally trained and fully certified as an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner by Ian White, the founder and developer of these beautiful Essences. 

She has been working with the Essences for over 15 years and is now a Certified Teacher for the Australian Bush Flower Essences, and teaches Courses and Workshops throughout the year. 

Yvonne also does Bush Flower Essence Readings and Consultations, as these fabulous flowers have so much they can tell us about ourselves and so much they can help us with.

For more information regarding Courses or Workshops, or to book a Reading, or to have your personalised Essence mix made up, please contact us.

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