Light Frequency Essences


The Australian Bush Flower Essences work on the Mental /Emotional and Spiritual levels, while the White Light Essences work on a Soul level and the Light Frequency Essences work at the deepest levels of all the systems, on the Spiritual Self.

Ian White is an amazing man and through his deep connection, love and understanding of Nature he has brought through the fabulous Australian Bush Flower Essences, the range of White Light Essences and now these latest amazing healers' the Light Frequency Essences.

There are 7 Essences in this range of Light Frequency Essences and they work on even deeper levels and help us to really reconnect with the truth of who it is we really are and reconnect with the Earth around us as well.

The Essences...

Antarctic Essence helps us to find that sense of peace and calmness within that is continually being lost in the chaos of our everyday lives. This Essence helps us to understand more about ourselves and what it is we need to release to be happy in our lives and create what it is we actually want.

Arctic Essence works with us on the deepest levels to help us to know it is safe for us to open our hearts and live the life we want without fear. It works with us to help us see our negative blockages and heal and change them. This Essence helps us to remember we are always loved, always safe and also helps to reconnect us to the Light within.

Amazon Essence helps us get back into the flow of life while helping us to find a deeper sense of empowerment and understanding of who we really are.

China Essence helps us to find our true values, things that really matter.  It helps us to open our hearts to ourselves, nature, life and living it while helping us to find that balance between what we 'have' to do and what we actually want to do.

Lake Baikal Essence helps us to let go of our limiting beliefs and the negative learned patterns and programs of mass consciousness that have been holding us back.  It helps us to maintain that inner sense of order so that we can move more smoothly, easily through the changes.

Madagascar Essence helps us to release our limiting beliefs regarding illness so that we can more easily separate ourselves from our illness instead of seeing ourselves as it.  It also helps us to remove ourselves from our negative family patterning so that we can align with our own personal belief systems.

Mt Pinatubo Essence allows the Love to flow and helps us to connect to our true spiritual essence and open our heart and express who we are, with no holding back and without fear of retribution. This essence also helps us to realign more with Source Energy so that we can more synchronistically be in the right place at the right time.

There is so much more to these fabulous healers' to find out more, or to order your Essences now, please contact us.

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