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Archangel Ariel….

Ariel – (Are-ee-el) means ’Lion or Lioness of God’ Angel_1812423

Ariel is a strong, loving, gentle but powerful Archangel that helps us to bring out the warrior or warrior Goddess within, so that we can walk our paths from a place of strength, courage and confidence.

Ariel’s Aura is a pale shade of pink and she is associated with the wind.

She generally brings a gentle, refreshing breeze or a gust of wind with her to tell us she is around or we will see or sense Lions around to let us know she is with us.

Ariel helpsus to ‘Walk our Talk’ on our journey in confidence and courage.

She also…

  • Helps to protects us from harm
  • Guides us to be confident, focused and courageous in every aspect of our lives.
  • Works with Healers and Teachers
  • Helps us with manifesting
  • Looks after the environment, Animals and our waterways
  • Works with injured Animals
  • And helps Lost People to find their way Home
  • And assists Animals that have passed during their passing and beyond

Ariel works perfectly with Archangel Michael, the feminine balance to Michael’s masculine energy.

She is a wonderful teacher, extremely loving and patient and her beautiful, graceful energy helps us to walk our talk and reminds us to keep our focus on Love, Service and Spirit to follow our hearts in each and every moment.

Ariel also works with King Solomon and the Divine Magic and is also a master at manifesting.

She can help us to release our fears and blockages so that we can allow ourselves more in this life.

Ariel works with us to help us on the deepest levels to help us realise our dreams and she helps us to know that we are definitely allowed more for ourselves in this life. 

She is extremely supportive of healers and teachers and those who work with and help the environment and those that work with Animals.

Ariel works with all aspects of Nature and loves working with Animals, especially wild and injured ones.

She is also fabulous to call on to be with Animals on their way Home and those that have already passed over and she will go back to them just before their passing to take them out of their body and help release any traumas and fears before lovingly taking them Home. 

Ariel is especially partial to the Planet’s waterways and their inhabitants and she oversees all of the Water Angels, the Sprites who look after the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds and the areas surrounding them.

Helping the environment is something she is extremely passionate about and if we heed her call for assistance and help her in her endeavours, she will reward us handsomely!

She will only ask of us what it is we are willing to give and only wants us to work in areas that we are interested in.

She is definitely happy to work with us around our busy schedules as well!

To Connect with Archangel Ariel… 

The Crystals that can help you connect more effectively with Archangel Ariel are…

  • Crazy-Lace Agate,
  • Green Moss Agate,
  • Amber,
  • Aquamarine,
  • Azurite and Malachite,
  • Honey Calcite,
  • Pink Calcite,
  • Chrysanthemum Stone,
  • Cinnabar,
  • Citrine,
  • Coral,
  • Jasper,
  • Larimar,
  • Moldavite
  • And Rose Quartz.

 Calling Archangel Ariel In… 

Get nice and comfortable, in a place you won’t be disturbed, and close your eyes…

Take a nice, deep breath and breathe that breath up to the top of the head, and then imagine breathing that breath all the way down the body, and out through the Chakras in the soles of the feet. 

Take another nice big, deep breath, breathing in and breathing through…

Every time you’re breathing in you’re breathing in that loving, healing energy from the Universe and giving it permission to help you release and let go of all the stresses, all the worries, and all the fears you’ve been holding on to…

Every time you’re breathing in like this you’re letting go of all of your stuff and everyone else’s stuff, that you’ve been taking on…

Breathing in and breathing through another 5 to 10 times until you’re in that nice, relaxed space…

Then, as you are breathing, imagining breathing in the most beautiful pale pink colour. Breathing it up to the top of your head, down through the body, and allowing yourself to float in this beautiful, healing pink energy. 

Breathe in deeply, filling your senses with this beautiful pink energy…

Then in your imagination allow yourself to see Archangel Ariel in your mind’s eye. She will appear to you in the way you feel most comfortable.

Go to her in your imagination and give her the biggest hug ever…

Breathe in her energy, and fill your senses with it…

You will feel sooooo safe, sooooo loved…

When you do, ask Ariel to help you to release your fears, your blockages so that you can feel better about where you are at this time.

Then breathe in and as you do you will feel her energy working with you, helping you to feel so much lighter and clearer.

Thank her for this, breathe in and listen, for she will have a message for you.

As you are breathing out, you will hear the message, if your head is thinking too much take 3 to 4 more deep breaths to relax, and ask again. Her answer will be the first things you will hear, see, feel or sense.

Thank her for this and practice connecting to her more and asking her to help you with more in your every day.


Many blessings, always 






Yvonne x

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