Connecting To Your Totem Animal Webinar

Replay Now Available!

Investment $17.00

This fabulous Webinar is about connecting to your own personal Totem Animal.

All Animals are teachers and they have much to share with us… h

Some are Healers..

Some are Guides…

Some are Mentors…

Some come for a long time…

Some come for a short time…

All are gifts that come to help us get the most out of our lives!

During the 45 minutes of this Webinar we will be helping you to…

  • Understand the roles of Totem Animals
  • Learn how to work with them
  • Learn how to work with them more effectivelyregister-now-blue-button-hi-resized-for-WEB
  • Discover how to connect with them
  • Meditate and connect with your Totem Animal and more…

This is a totally unique and fabulous Webinar and one not to be missed!

We look forward to having you join us 🙂





Yvonne X

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