Drum Circles


Drum (360x354)Running on the last Friday of the month, these fabulous  Drum Circles are about Manifesting and Empowerment Plus!

Is your life working for you?

Have you got the relationship,  job,  life that you want?

Are stress and worry getting you down?

Are you caught in getting through each day as best you can rather than living and enjoying it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected?

Have you lost touch with who you really are?


Learn about the Shaman Principles, Universal Life Principles that help you work more effectively with the Universal Law Of Attraction.

Learn more about yourself through Totem Animal Astrology.

Learn more about yourself through Past Life Journeying.

Connect with your Spirit Guides.

Connect with your Totem Animals.

Learn Native Wisdom to help take the stress and worry out of life.

Reconnect with the real you and start living the life you want!!!

Total empowerment PLUS!

Bring your Drum, if you have one, or just join in on the healing if you don’t!

To book your place for our next Circle, or to find out more, please contact us.

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