Isis Seichim Level l Certificate Course


**Please note that Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 are definite prerequisites for this course!**Heart Stream_7585815

This absolutely awesome 1 day Isis Seichim Certificate Course will be running at…

Narrabeen NSW on Saturday 3/11/19!

How would you like to take your Reiki healing to a whole new level?

How would you like to take your own personal healing to a whole new level?

Are you ready to make some major changes?

Then you are ready to start your journey with Isis Seichim!

Just as the Reiki energy amplifies everything it works with, Isis Seichim amplifies the Reiki energy!!!

Isis Seichim takes us and our healing journey with Reiki to even deeper and more wonderful levels! Really beautiful and amazing stuff!!!

And this course is just the start!

During the day you will learn about:-

– The History of Seichim

– The Modern Day History of Seichim

– The Origin of Isis Seichim

– The Goddess Energy of Sekhem, Seichim and Isis Seichim

– Working with the Chakras

– The Isis Seichim Symbols

– Working with Isis Seichim

– Isis Seichim, Reiki and Other Healing Modaities and more…

Because of the power of this modality Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 are definite pre-requisites for this course and when you start working with it you will really understand why!!!

Isis Seichim takes everything you have learnt so far ‘out of the box’ and lets you play on even deeper levels. Totally awesome stuff and the next step in your healing adventure!!!

The attunements themselves are quite lengthy and a ‘one on one’ experience and as it is a beautiful, totally sacred process so only one person can be attuned at a time. So, if you are doing this course with existing friends or new ones (!) the attunements for each person will have to be done separately and possibly on different days, but that is something we can organise at the time..

It’s definitely not a problem to organise and this course is soooo worth it, so if you are interested please contact us for more details.

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