Aren’t YOU Worth It?…

Hey guys,

I received a post on Facebook the other day that in essence said…

‘Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice!’

For some reason we are more likely to believe someone’s negative opinion of us, much more so than their positive opinion.

Positive opinions generally bring on the ‘What do they want?’ internal question,

because deep down we don’t think we are worth it.

This is something we really need to work on!

Negative opinions tend to resonate with that part of ourselves that is holding on to, and judging ourselves for, all the mistakes we made, all the wrong things said and done in the past.

The problem is, we forget to see that it was the PAST.

NOT what is!

It’s NOT how things are!

We forget that it is what WAS, then!

We forget that we have learnt from that situation and we now know what NOT to do, who we don’t want to be, what we don’t want, how not to be.

That experience, and all of those experiences, don’t define who we are, they help us to realise who we are NOT!

This is where Louise Hay’s wise words come into play, so that we can know that…

‘We were doing the best we could with what we knew, then…’

And be nicer to ourselves!

Every experience was just PRACTICE to help us to KNOW more about what we want, because we have experienced what we don’t want and now we have the contrast.

No longer judging ourselves, putting ourselves down, because we WERE doing the best we could with what we knew and NOW we know better!

Lesson learnt!!!

People may judge us for where we were, but that is THEIR stuff.

People may have an opinion about where we were, but that too is THEIR stuff, and if they can’t move forward from it, feel sorry for THEM.

It is never up to anyone else to tell YOU that You are worth it, it is up to YOU to KNOW it!

When you can do that for yourself, everything falls into place!

Be nice to YOU regardless of someone else’s opinion.

And, if you wouldn’t go to them for advice, why are you even listening?…

Aren’t YOU worth it?!

Don’t forget if you need any help with this I am Always here…

Play and see where it takes you 🙂 

Many blessings, always

Yvonne x